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If you feel like your'e constantly being pulled in a million directions, and you're overwhelmed with EXACTLY where to start to reclaim your time, mental & physical energy, and balance , this FREE eCourse is exactly what you've been searching for...

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    Darlene Berkel

    Certified Stress Management Coach (CSMC)

    I can help!

    When you experience constant stress & overwhelm, you are not happy. Your health suffers. Your relationships suffer. You aren't as productive. Your intimacy likely suffers, too. There are hundreds of known side effects of chronic stress.

    Chronic stress is the biggest cause of burnout. This stress may be related to juggling a demanding job, heavy family responsibilities, weighty financial obligations or serious health concerns.

    I know all of this, because I have felt all of this. Eventually, you wonder what the point to life is when you always feel terrible.

    As a certified stress management coach, I have the right tools, knowledge and credentials, to help you!

    You will learn:

    How to take control and set priorities & boundaries so that you can eliminate time wasters and drains on your energy.

    How to become CEO of YOU so that you can be more productive and reduce stress through better time, action, & priority management.

    How to assess your work/life balance and set goals for a better balance so that you can you feel more peaceful, in control, and less anxious.

    How to manage everything you need to do for work, for business, and in your personal life and still have time to fit all your favourite things into a balanced, multi-dimensional life that you love!